Frequently Asked Questions

dotstudioPRO is free to sign up for and use. How is this so you may ask?

Your dotstudioPRO dashboard gives you 2 movies per month to upload and manage. That equates to about 5 GB per month. You are also given 1 TB of delivery per month of your video. This is the bandwidth used up by your audience watching your video.

Ingest YouTube videos for free. WHAT, no way!

YES, Really! dotstudioPRO allows you to authenticate your existing YouTube Channel and bring in your videos directly into your dashboard. No delivery or storage is used so it doesn't count against your free usage!

Gaining Traction? Want to Monetize?

Add a Pay Wall to your movie.

Set your price. dotstudioPRO only takes .50cents per sale. Example:

Movie Price: $4.99
You Receive $4.49
dotstudioPRO Receives .50cents

A minimum price of .99cents must be set per movie.

All payments are made in US dollars to your Paypal account at the end of every quarter, less any applicable sales tax or merchant fees that may apply. If your payment per quarter is less than $50 US, we will roll this over into the next payment schedule. For example:

From January - March you made $30 US from your VOD sales on your movie. No payment would be made. From April - May you made $100 US from your VOD sales on your movie. You would receive $130 US into your Paypal account.

Add advertising to your video or microsite!

Control and schedule your advertising. Once enabled, our dotstudioPRO adserver will begin serving you ads. dotstudioPRO takes a 40/60 revenue share. Meaning 60% of all add revenue generated from your site or videos flows to you.

Complete transparency! All of your revenue from paywall and advertising can be tracked in your stats section within the dotstudioPRO dashboard.

Note: Once you enable Advertising and Monetization, it may take up to 48 hours to register within your dashboard. Just FYI.

Wanna upload more movies?

No problemo. Upgrade your storage limit. Storage is billed monthly based on how much is used. Prices range from $1.70 - $2.70 per GB. Upgrading storage can be found in your settings section.

Did your video go viral?

Congrats, you have found an audience! Delivery pricing ranges from 8 cents – 2.5 cents per GB (billed monthly and based on usage). You can upgrade your delivery in your dashboard under billing.

Want to become an MCN?

But what is an MCN right? An MCN is a multi-channel network. It is an aggregation of content that you have the rights to distribute and create verticals with. Now you need multiple channels and multiple themes. Contact US to help you transition!

Interested in pushing your content to multiple platforms?

We built dotstudioPRO to give you access to audiences where they already are! Stay tuned for our Roku and SmartTV release coming this fall. Contact us to get preapproved!

Enterprise did you say!?

Yes we can! Contact us to facilitate your multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-dashboard, multi-user network!

Have further questions? Please contact us!